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Hey Everyone!  Legacy is now available!  You can purchase a CD or download through  CDBaby.com right here on my Music Store page.   Just click on the link to purchase!

This album is special to me because my brother, mom, aunt, uncles and cousins have all joined me on this album. It is a compilation of traditional and contemporary worship songs, some covers and some brand new originals.  I dedicate this album to the Legacy that my very gifted father and grandparents have left to all of us.  

Hi and thanks for visiting my website!  My name is Kristin Koenig and I am a singer / songwriter.  I have been writing songs and singing most of my life.  When my father passed away, I used the songwriting talent that God gave me to help me through the pain.  On this journey I have recorded two albums, "Key to My Freedom" and "You Found Me!" which are both are available on ITunes and in my Music Store Page! My third album called "Legacy" just became available.  See info below.  I'm excited that my music is playing on Spotify and Radio Airplay Internet Radio all over the world.